In The Search For WondLa, a fortune-teller named arius told Eva Nine her future in the trilogy through this cryptic prophecy:

The ancient hive returns again
To claim a land no longer to claim
A nymph, born of the earth, forged by machine
Will lead a way through hate, through fear, through war
The heart will be an ally, and the feast will come to an end
From the west a mighty machine does run
Stars will bring one dream, while another dream dies
In the sands of time, the nymph will find the answer
To the question that has plagued thy very soul,
But the answer will not suffice-
And, put in motion, an equation begins, a powerful equation with many,
many answers
You will be chased to the ends of the earth, but the end will reveal
all that you seek.
But the first ruler of a great city will hold you in court.
The past will face the future-
But neither will recognize that they are their own reflection.
A sibling will set you on your path.
Go forth, human child, and foster your wit, for even the most wicked
have a family that loves them.

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