Hailey Turner, Eva, and Rovender.

Hailey Turner is a fifteen year old boy from the city of New Attica. He found Eva Nine and Rovender with the Bijou, explaining to Eva that she has a tracking chip on the back of her neck. While on the ship, Hailey listens to music a lot of the time. He tells Eva to find her Omnipod or else she will not get accepted into the city. He does not believe her when she tells him that she retrieved it from a Sand Sniper.

He and his grandfather, Evan Six, known as "Vanpa," live on the outskirts of New Attica. His grandfather recalls that Hailey's father was killed during an escape with him and some friends from the city. Hailey hopes to be a retriever someday like his father was, and brings Eva Nine into New Attica.

Eva is angry at him when she comes to believe that she has been traded into New Attica for parts for his ship. After Eva and Eight are captured she rescues Hailey from the grasps of Cadmus. Eva, Eight, Hailey, Rovender, and their newfound friend Huxley escape on the Bijou but are quickly attacked by Pryde's fleet of warships. After Huxley sacrifices himself and they are left, Hailey is struggling to keep them stable. He lets Eva, Rovender, and Eight retreat on a life capsule, and when they land, Eva believes that he is dead.

After the Halcyonus are attacked, Eva escapes on a tree and finds the broken down Bijou. She climbs in and finds Hailey, although not entirely well, luckily still alive.