Loroc is the brother of Arius, Zin, and Darius. He is the Prime Adviser of the human leader of New Attica, Cadmus Pryde.


Eva Nine first encountered Loroc in New Attica, alongside Cadmus (although she had not known who the alien was at the time). The two were engaged in a conversation regarding Eva and that she had recently been to the city of Lacus, near Lake Concors. Locor had concluded that they would first travel and invade Lacus.

When Eva had finally arrived in Lacus in order to warn the Caeruleans that Cadmus would soon be invading, she discovered that the raid had already begun and that the inhabitants were fleeing with their family and belongings. Eva announced that she would confront Cadmus and attempt to put an end to the invasion.

When she arrived at Lake Concors and into Lacus, Eva immediately went to Arius' home to warn her that she must flee Lacus. However, she instead found Loroc devouring Arius. Loroc then retorted that Zin would be his next victim. He also revealed that once Cadmus had served his purpose in the invasion, he would rid of him as well.

Afterwards, he attempted to kill Eva, but she escaped his grasp when Arius' snake attacked Loroc from above. When Loroc followed her outside, Eva got a flock of nesting turnfins to attack Loroc, which gave her enough time to make a getaway and leave him behind.