A Hero for WondLa

A view of New Attica, with Attican Hall in the midground.

New Attica is a human civilization led by Cadmus Pryde on the planet Orbona.

Within, there are many robots that help serve the community. The people there are described to possess different hues of skins, ranging from orange to violet. All Sanctuary-borns (referred to as "reboots") must have their Omnipods in order to enter New Attica. An atmospheric membrane is stretched over the entire city. However, the supposed utopia was quickly revealed to be a nightmare, where everyone's movements were tracked, and power was "rationed" to create a massive army of warbots to reclaim "Earth" from the alien colonists by methods of force. New Attica's citizens ate tablets rather than food, and individual birthdays were not celebrated. Instead, all residents celebrated "The Awakening", in which Cadmus Pryde was hailed as a hero and creator of the Attican "paradise," as well as the day in which Cadmus 01 was sucessfully cloned. During the Battle of Solas, the Prime Adviser, Loroc, reset the Attican computer, removing Cadmus from command and crashing a large ship into Attican Hall, destroying much of the city. Loroc then dispatched warbots, which killed most of the human population and destroyed the city. In the epilogue, a human is seen giving "Ancient Attican Tours" of the ruins of New Attica.